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Terms and conditions for Hotel-Pension "Am Schwanenteich" in Wittenberg

1. Scope of conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all contracts concluded with the aforementioned hotel, insofar as they comply with the terms and conditions act. They may be replaced by other conditions specially negotiated in exceptional cases. These terms and conditions are posted clearly and visibly in the hotel, and are provided to the guest or client separately if agreed.

2. Accommodation agreement

The valid price list with the respective rates and service descriptions applies. For the rest, services and rates are subject to change without notice. The accommodation agreement may be established in writing, verbally, by telephone or by implication. It obliges both contractual parties to fulfil their duties, regardless of the time frame for which the contract is concluded.

3. Bookings

If rooms or other services (e.g. shuttle service) are reserved on an optional basis, the option details are binding for both contractual parties. Once the agreed option deadline has elapsed, the aforementioned hotel is free to offer the rooms and services as it sees fit, regardless of the rooms booked as options.
Rooms booked and confirmed by the hotel are available from 3pm on the day of arrival and until 11am on the day of departure. The hotel is entitled to reallocate booked rooms after 7pm on the day of arrival if a later check-in time has not been expressly advised.

4. Price changes

Agreed prices may be changed by the hotel after contract conclusion in accordance with the price lists valid at the time if the service is rendered more than 4 months after contract conclusion.
The hotel may charge a fee for late check-ins after 10pm. The surcharge is 25 Euros until midnight, and 35 Euros thereafter.

5. Payment conditions

Unless other payment conditions have been expressly agreed, bills are payable in full and in cash upon receipt. Delayed payment of even one bill will entitle the hotel to cease all further and future services for the guest. In order for this to apply, the hotel must issue a reminder, setting a deadline and mentioning these consequences. If a bill amount is greater than 200 Euros or a guest stays at the hotel for more than 6 nights, the hotel is entitled to issue interim bills and ask the guest to pay these.

6. Advance payments

The hotel can, without the need for justification, make any order, reservation or other service contingent upon the full or partial payment of expected owed amounts in advance – in the form of down payments, instalments or full advance payments.

7. Cancellations

If a guest cancels a booking or reserves but fails to use booked and reserved hotel services, the hotel will charge the guest for these contractual services (particularly those relating to guest lodging) as follows:
· -Cancellation 30 to 15 days (inclusive) before commencement of services: 40% of the ordered/booked services
· -Cancellation 14 to 8 days (inclusive) before commencement of services: 60% of the ordered/booked services
· -Cancellation 7 to 3 (inclusive) days before commencement of services: 80% of the ordered/booked services
· -Cancellation in the 48 hours prior to commencement of services: 100% of the ordered/booked services.
If the hotel is able to resell the cancelled rooms/services, this may be offset against the cancellation fees. The aforementioned cancellation charges also apply if the guest cancels part of the ordered/booked services (with the charges being applied to the cancelled service component) or if the guest does not use the ordered/booked services without expressly cancelling them.

8. Liability

Sections 701-703 of the German Civil Code applies for hotel liability. Liability cannot be assumed for other reasons, unless damages have been caused deliberately or through gross negligence by the hotel, its legal representatives or assistants.

9. Other

a) Unless otherwise agreed, personal food and drink cannot be consumed in the hotel’s public areas.
b) The headings serve purely as overviews and have no actual significance, especially not in the capacity of a definitive regulation.
c) Federal German law applies for these conditions and all legal relations between the hotel and guest.
d) The place of jurisdiction is the district/regional court governing the hotel’s location.

10. Revoking bookings

If the hotel has justified reason to assume the guest is compromising the hotel’s smooth operations, security or reputation, or in the event of force majeure (e.g. fire, strike, etc.), the hotel may cancel any booking, without being obliged to provide compensation. In this case, it may then proceed as per the cancellation regulations stipulated in section 7, and charge cancellation fees.

Wittenberg, 1/11/2010